Editing:  In this stage of the review process, we examine the document to improve its: organization, content, accuracy, completeness, coherence, methods of presentation, literary and pictorial quality. We examine the consistency, irretrievability and ease of use.  Editing may also include designing and planning a document, copy marking to indicate typography and layout and possibly (if needed) discuss the edited information with the author.

Proofreading: After the document has been edited, it is then proofread for typographical, formatting, spelling and punctuation errors. Proofreading is a final check of the document before publication or submission.

Revising: The final stage is to look over again in order to correct or improve structural or other more substantive issues that need to be improved upon prior to publication or submission. This is a stage that is only stepped into by request of the author should there be any additional issues or revisions necessary to complete the project.©